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Leetcode Patterns 


This repo is intended for any individual wanting to improve their problem
solving skills for software engineering interviews.

Problems are grouped under their respective subtopic, in order to focus on
repeatedly applying common patterns rather than randomly tackling questions.

All questions are available on [leetcode.com] with some requiring [leetcode premium].


To find the greatest amount of success when practicing, it is highly recommended
to know the methods and runtimes of the following data structures and their

- Arrays
- Maps
- Linked Lists
- Queues
- Heaps
- Stacks
- Trees
- Graphs

In addition, you should have a good grasp on common algorithms such as:

- Breadth-first search
- Depth-first search
- Binary search
- Recursion


[This pdf] contains information for the main data structures in Java.

Other useful methods to know include 

Question List

The entire question list can be found here 🔥✌

Above site looks like this with good content:


Solutions written in Java can be found in the [solutions] branch.


Think of a question that should/shouldn't be included? Wish there was another feature?
Feel free to open an [issue] with your suggestion!


This list is heavily inspired from [Grokking the Coding Interview] with
additional problems extracted from the [Blind 75 list] and this hackernoon article
on [14 patterns to ace any coding interview question].

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