Building Dotnet core web Api and pushing as a container image to Docker Hub | Creating Docker Hub image from Dotnet Core Api

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  • Dotnet 6
  • Docker Desktop
  • Visual Studio 2022

Creating Dotnet Core Web Api

create new project in Visual Studio

Give a name for the project

Select framework as dotnet 6 and enable Docker 

Solution looks like this

Docker file looks like this

Debugging Api

Click on Run Docker button in Visual studio to debug our Api locally

You will see container window showing something like below image

You can access the swagger page of our Api like this

We can test our Api with Execute option

Publish Our Api to Docker Hub

Right click on project and select Publish

Select Docker Container Registry

Select next and select Docker Hub

Now we have to fill in the username of our Docker Hub account and secret token as password, we will see how to create the secret token for Docker Hub in below section.

Getting Docker Hub credentials

Login to Docker Hub -

Else create an account in Docker Hub.

Select Account Settings menu on top right corner.

Select Security menu in middle left of the screen.

Click New Access Token option

Provide Description for the Access token - we will give it as 'access-tokenfor-visual studio-publish' for example.

Next to this screen will show you a one-time visible secret token, which you have to copy and save for use in the next section.

Publishing Web Api image to Docker Hub

Go back to Visual studio and fill in the password with the secret token which we got in previous step and click finish.

You are at the end of the publish profile creation and now you will see something like the below screenshot.

Click on Publish on right corner.

You will see the following logs in publish Build log window.

After this you can go to the docker page and find the public image like below screenshot

Link to the Image - Docker Hub

Thanks for reading. ✋😊

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