Personal YouTube Channel Videos Website hosted in GitHub Pages for Free which populates content automatically | YouTube Channel Website using GitHub Pages and GitHub Actions | Auto populating YouTube channel website

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YouTube Channel Website Features - YouTube Videos as Posts:

1.  Free Hosting using GitHub Pages and open-source code base in GitHub.

2.  It can update all the videos, title, and description available inside the channel into the website everyday automatically using the GitHub Actions feature.

3.  No need to manually do any step after posting any new video in YouTube, it will be updated in website on next day.

How to Reuse this Action Template which creates a personal website for the YouTube videos in my channel hosted in GitHub Pages using Jekyll and GitHub Actions for free!

1.  Copy this GitHub Action below:

   - name: YouTube-Videos-As-Posts
     uses: SSanjeevi/YouTubeVideosAsPosts@Release1.0.0
     GoogleApiKey: ${{ secrets.GoogleApiKey }}
     channelName: 'channel_Name'
   - name: Commit and push update
     run: |-
     git config --global ""
     git config --global "yourUserName"
     git add -A
     git commit -m "Updated YouTube Video posts from GitHub Actions"
     git push

2.  Here GoogleApiKey secret should contain value of Google console Api id. Refer this video to generate the Api key - YouTube Video to get google console Api id or follow this article. After getting Google API key by following above article or video - follow this article to update the secrets in the repo with name - GoogleApiKey.

3.  Clone or use any Jekyll Theme for the repo - e.g.: i have cloned this repo in this website. If you need readymade repo then, Just Fork this repo: Fork this on GitHub so that you will have the pipeline and website setup with this theme as it and just update the pipeline GitHub Action with YouTube Channel name and update secret by following above steps.

4.  Keep the _posts folder empty - this Action will create all the videos as posts in the repository.

5.  Enable the repo as GitHub pages - Follow this article.

6.  You are ready with a website with Videos embedded in GitHub Pages

Embedded the website created by following this document here and the direct URL is this.

Image of website:


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